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Sometimes you might be short of cash and urgently requires it, and your loan applications were turned down by banks. Taking a title loan is a great way to save yourself and get some money quickly. The value of your car is considered as collateral by the title loan.

A car title loan, as the name indicates, is a type of short term loan where your vehicle acts as a collateral to the lender. Here the borrower pledges their vehicle as a surety if the loan repayment on the due date. Of course, the car has to be free and clear from any debts or loans. It is also called an auto loan.

If the loan amount is not repaid, then the lender has full rights to take ownership of the car and can sell it as well to recover the amount. Otherwise, if the payments are made on time and paid off, then the lender will take off the lien.

How Do Car Title Loans Online Work

Payday loans are similar with online title loans. They cover short term expenses and emergencies. The car acts as collateral for the exchange of the money borrowed until the loan is paid in full, the lender has the ownership.

Online title loans can be applied online and can check the balance and make payments electronically once the loan is approved. The credit history examined in your account is the first step. After your online application and documents are processed, the lender checks your car. Once the lender approves the loan amount and terms, cash transfer for the car title loan takes place.

You can receive the money as quickly as possible if all the requirements meet. In this way, a cart title loan online usually works.

The Process For Car Title Loans, Step By Step

After knowing what a car title loan is, you might be wondering how you can qualify for a title loan? It is quite simple, and the online process makes it even more comfortable. This step by step process will help you are eligible for title loans.

    1. Application – Form filling can be done online, on the phone, or by visiting the branch. Fill out all the necessary details that are required. A loan officer will contact you and may ask questions related to the loan after the application is submitted.
    2. Upload documents – After filling the application form, necessary documents should be uploaded like photo ID, proof of income, address, insurance, car details, and the loan application. It can be done even through the phone.
    3. Title value of the car and review – A bright and free title is needed. It is an essential requirement. Your car must be close to or paid off from any other loan. The vehicle must be your own. All the documentation, especially the car title, should be available. The lender may send someone or may come and check your car for a review and evaluate the vehicle. Luxury models, excellent condition, newer vehicles, and vehicles with low mileage has more cash value. The car’s equity and vehicle condition determine the total value of the car.
    4. Approval – The lender is satisfied with the review and application process; checking of your score also takes place. If you have a good score, then you can get better term loans with low interest and monthly payments. But having a bad score also qualifies for a title loan. You can electronically sign the contract, and the car title can be handed over in return for cash once approved.
    5. Repayment – There are various methods for repayments:
      • Through phone
      • Cash payment
      • Title loans online payment
      • Check or money order

Car Tittle Loan Requirements: Equity In Your Vehicle

Equity in your vehicle is an essential requirement to get approval for a car title loan online. It means that you cannot borrow more than the value of your car or take a title loan if your vehicle is worth less than what you have to give another lender. In short, its equity is the value of your car minus the loan amount.

The age, model, condition, mileage, and car title type determines the value of the car. All these factors affect the overall cost of the vehicle. The state and distance of the car is also an essential factor. The more the mileage, the less the resale value. Keeping your vehicle in good condition helps in keeping the vehicle look the best.


  • Instant cash with fast approval makes car title loans very reliable and comfortable. Here are some of the benefits that a car title loan online provides.
  • It is the most convenient and fast cash providing loan in times of urgent need.
  • The loan does not require lengthy procedures and processing time, which makes it even easier for the borrowers to take.
  • Even though your car is the collateral for the loan, you can continue using it according to your convenience.
  • The credit score of the borrower is not required. So even if you have a bad score or no guarantor, there is no need to worry about it.
  • Lenders offer a payback scheme, which is very beneficial for the borrower to repay the loan amount.


Car title loans are similar to auto financing, where the money taken is the same way in which a car title loan also works. Though the vehicle acts as collateral, the borrower can still use the vehicle for yourself while paying the mortgage. Only if you cannot repay the loan amount, the lender repossesses the car.

Remember to repay the money on time. The lender will keep the car title until the repayment of the total amount. So continue to make repayments, when required to keep your car from being taken by the lender.

Car title loans have made it easier for people who require money during their hard times and emergencies. Paying through installments and lenders being very transparent to the amount makes the loan one of the best investments.

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