Free DVD Decoder Freeware for our loan video

If you have our loan DVD, you can decode it and save it on your computer with this freeware. As DVD-players are not that common anymore, we recommend to decode the DVD and save it on your computer.

As FastStudio is not active anymore, we recommend WinxDVD. Should work with mkv and vob also.

Free DVD Decoder Freeware

DVDs are still relevant and popular even after the creation of Blu-Ray. It is a smart budget move for people who don’t like wasting money on physical copies of media. It offers a great viewing experience and is relatively cheaper in comparison to Blu-Rays. DVDs are vulnerable to scratches and damages. DVD collectors require DVD decoders to back up all of their content.

A bona fide DVD decoder application should be able to do a lot of things. Some decoders can easily help you in backing your DVD up by directly copying the content to your desktop. They can also convert the data of the DVD into an ISO image. You can also make a digitized video from your disc with some decoders.

There is a multitude of DVD decoder programs out there for Windows and macOS today. You can view the ones we recommended below for a seamless decoding experience.

DVD decoder programs for seamless decoding experience

  • HandBrake – It isn’t just a free DVD ripper but is also an open-source. The software is currently on the 1.0.0 version. There is no support by default for bypassing copy protection. However, with a little research, you can get around with it. It can easily queue up numerous conversions, and it comes with pre-sets that are ready-made.If you’re working on disc folders and ISO Images, you can easily queue up numerous encoding jobs for running consecutively. It saves the trouble of having to be around the time each finish. The level of sheer control is definitely worth a try.
  • DVDFab HD Decrypter – DVDFab is a little unusual. The DVDFab suite is not free, but the DVD ripping component, on the other hand, is. The software installs a trial version when it is downloaded; however, the DVDFab HD Decrypter remains free for life, which you require for ripping of DVD and Blu-ray. It saves the original formats of the movies. It has customizable settings as well.You can rip the discs into modes of the main movie or full disc. It is extremely helpful in extracting video files and contents from a disc and keeps their original formats during its transfer to a hard drive. The importing of files to another program for extended work is also possible.
  • Leawo DVD Ripper – It is created mainly for helping users in decoding and ripping their DVDs into common audio and video files on separate devices for playback. The advanced technology of DVD decoding in it enables decoding of all DVD kinds. However, it isn’t technically free and is only to a certain extent.
  • VLC Media Player – It isn’t just a free video player. But the software is also capable of ripping and decoding of DVDs. This video player is a cross-platform software that is capable of decoding and playing DVDs. It can also rip and successfully convert DVDs into MP4.
  • FreeMake Video Convertor – It has a clean and clear user interface. It is extremely user, friendly, and powerful. You can rip an entire DVD or just parts of it. You can select the drive from the list after switching to the DVD section. After your disc analysis, you have to indicate the video track you want. Segments of a video can also be clipped out to rip instead of ripping the entire thing.There are shortcuts present at the bottom of the screen offering access to different output formats. The newest version of the software comes with a watermark to the videos that undergo ripping. But if you are okay with that, then the software is going to be your best friend.
  • MakeMKV – It is quite familiar to DVD Decrypter. The software handles DVDs and rips Blu-Ray discs. The process of ripping is the same. But you have to remember that the ripping of Blu-Ray is only free when the program is in the mode of beta.It is incredibly easy to use, as it is quite user friendly. It has a fast DVD ripping feature. It easily works with Blu-Ray discs. There are a few customization options available as well. It does not carry any complex configuration. You just have to analyze and start ripping.

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Summing It Up

Decoding is very convenient and easy with the right DVD rippers, especially when they are free of charge. You can download any of the above-mentioned freeware for a seamless decoding experience now.


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