Emergency Loans With no Credit Check

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Emergency loans with no credit check options

Emergency loans, as the name suggests, can help you get obtain loans/money quickly for emergency purposes. These types of loans, however, require you to pay off the debt very quickly as well (usually on your next payday).

Emergency loans are a life-saver for people who have either bad credit scores or no credit scores at all. If you’re looking for emergency loans with no credit score, there are three main types of loan options you can get.

Payday loans

$400 - 50,000
Bad credit
Approval rate
High approval rate
Deposit time
In some cases
Type of service
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Payday loans, aka emergency cash loans, are the easiest and most manageable loan option. With payday loans, you can obtain fast loans within the range of $100-1000.

Lenders offering payday loans usually do not report your on-time payment, and they also do not affect your credit score as well. However, such types of loans come with a high-interest rate.

Emergency personal loans

$500 - 40,000
Loan Terms
2 months to 5 years
Credit Check Type
Soft or Hard
Min Credit Score
Bad credit
Approval rate
High approval rate
Time for decision
Average 2 minutes
Type of service
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With an emergency personal loan, you can loan up to a maximum amount of $15,000. However, these types of loans are not easily approved as it is with payday loans.
There are, however, some external factors that can increase your chances of getting your emergency personal loan approved.

For instance, if you have a monthly income of more than $2000, it can boost your chances of obtaining such loans.

Also, remember to opt only for a soft credit check during the application process as hard credit checks can damage your credit score.

Installment loan

$500 - 10,000
Loan Terms
3 months to 6 years
Credit Check Type
Soft check
Bad credit
Approval rate
High approval rate
Time for decision
Average 2 minutes
Type of service
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The sum of the installment loan usually ranges between $1000 and $5000. As the name suggests, these types of loans allow you to repay the amount over time or in an installment basis.
Due to such flexibility, installment loans are more desirable as compared to payday loans or emergency personal loans.

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About emergency loans with no credit check

Usually, when you apply for a loan, the lender checks the transaction history credit score of your bank account. A bad credit score in such cases affects your loan application drastically. This is, however, not the case for emergency loans with no credit check.

As apparent by its name, emergency loans with no credit, refers to the type of loan where a lender deposits fund to your bank account without checking your credit score (performing a soft or hard check on your account).

The primary benefit of such loans is that they allow you to obtain fast cash for emergency purposes with minimal requirements.
There are, however, some important things to consider before applying for a payday loan.

When can you repay the loan?

Payday loans are a great option for obtaining fast cash with no credit check. But, their repay duration is extremely short. So, make an estimation of when you can repay the fund before you apply for such loans.

If you think you need a considerable amount of time (usually a month or more), it is best to opt for an installment loan option.

But, if you need to loan more than $5000, things can get complicated as your only viable option is an emergency personal loan.

In any case, it is best to seek advice from a professional financial counselor.

How much do you need?

It seems rather obvious, but you need to crunch down the numbers before you can proceed to apply for a suitable loan. Take in mind the interest payments as well, and choose the most suitable payday loan option.

Do you need a connector?

If your chances of obtaining an emergency loan are high, you can simply go for a direct lender. But, if you are applying for a high amount and the chances of approval appear slim, a connector is your best option as they check with several lenders if they can approve you.

Pros and Cons of payday loans


  • Extremely simple with minimal requirements
  • They allow you to obtain fast cash for emergency purposes
  • Short term loans do not require any credit score
  • Installment loan option allows you to repay over time
  • You can choose from different loan options according to your required amount


  • Emergency loans have very short repay time-frame
  • Such loans usually involve fees and interest payments
  • The approval of such loans are never guaranteed
  • You can only loan out a limited amount of fund

Requirement of emergency loans with no credit check

In case emergency loans with no credit check, lenders do not perform any credit check on your account (hence, the name). They will only verify if you have a legitimate income history.

Usually, $800 before tax is enough to qualify you to apply for an emergency loan. On the other hand, if you want to apply for an emergency personal loan, you would need at least $2000.

part from your monthly income, there are also some basic requirements that your lender will check before they can approve your emergency loan request.

  • You should have an active bank account.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age. However, most loan companies prefer customers who are at least 21 years or older.
  • You should be at least part-time employed with a monthly income of at least $800 before taxes. However, if you want to borrow a more substantial loan amount (usually above $10,000), lenders prefer customers with a minimal monthly earning of $2000.
  • A valid proof of income certificates like a direct deposit form or a pay stub.
  • A valid ID proof like a driver’s license, passport, or a social security card. In some cases, they can ask for valid proof of residence as well.

The above basic requirements are identical for most emergency loan types like payday loans, emergency personal loans, and installment loans.

Is it possible to get a same-day deposit?

More often than not, if you raise the same question to your lender, they will almost never dignify you with a straight answer. The most probable answer would be “as soon as the next business day.” The statement can mean different things/days for different lenders.

But, in general, Yes! Same day deposits are possible. Although it may not be guaranteed, lenders can deposit the fund to your account on the same day.

Your loan amount will (obviously) play a big role as a larger sum require more extensive checks and involves more verification process as well.

How to improve a bad credit score

There are several crucial things you can do to improve your bad credit score. Some of those include:

Pay your bills on time

The easiest way to maintain a good credit score is to make sure you pay your bills on time. It may not improve your credit score by a drastic factor, but it will prevent it from decelerating.

Keep your debts in check

Ideally, you want to maintain a maximum of 30% debt of your credit card limit. So, if your credit card has a cap of $12,000, you should maintain a debt of $4000 or below.

Basically, the lower you owe your credit card company, the better your credit score.

Diversify your credit cards

This simply means increasing your credit card account. So, if you have only one credit card, consider opening multiple accounts. But, try to maintain zero balance on your new accounts.

Opening such multiple accounts will increase your available credit limit. So, even if you have a balance on your first card, your overall credit utilization will decrease since you have higher credit limits from multiple accounts.

Upgrade to a secured credit card

A secured credit card is particularly helpful for people with little to no credit score. In case of a secured credit card, you open an account with a cash deposit, which becomes your credit limit.

Such a secured procedure reduces the risk borne by your credit card company, and also allow you to use your credit card whenever necessary as well.

Where can I check my credit score?

Anyone with a valid social security number can check their credit score once every year, or 12 months. You can check this information free-of-cost from www.annualcreditreport.com.

Summary – emergency loans with no credit check

Most people think they do not stand a chance of applying for a loan with no credit check. However, the reality could not be more contradicting. There are lenders out there that provide several options to help you avail emergency loans with no credit score.

Just make sure you plan ahead and know where or how much you want to loan out, so you don’t end up in a tricky situation.

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