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Quick online loans are the best way to obtain fast cash to take care of your emergency requirements. Usually, conventional bank loans involve a complicated and tediously long procedure, which is not ideal if you are in need of cash urgently.

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Bad credit
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Quick loans online – How can I qualify?

Quick online loans, in such cases, help you obtain the loan amount to fund your financial needs quickly. Quick loans are usually of three types – payday loans, personal loans, and installment loans.

But, if you are looking to obtain the loan amount in the most simplistic and quickest manner, payday loans are your best option. This type of loan allows you to borrow up to $1000 and has a minimum requirement as well.

The minimum requirements that one must possess in order to qualify to apply for a payday loan application include:

  • You should be at least 18 years. But, usually, lenders prefer applicants that are at least 21 years or older.
  • You should have a monthly income of at least $800 before taxes. However, most lenders prefer applicants that are earning $1500 or above. Also, if you are looking to borrow a substantial amount, the minimum income can go up to $2000.
  • You should be able to produce a valid proof of income. Usually, a simple pay stub or a direct deposit file is enough.
  • You should have an active bank account.
  • You should have a valid proof identification. Some lenders ask for additional proof of residence as well.

Same day deposit, is it possible?

One of the most common questions that most people usually have in regard to payday loans is if same-day deposits are possible. The simple answer is YES!

It isn’t as simple as that!

If you ask the same question to your lender, they will not dignify you with a simple Yes, or No answer. Lenders usually mention that the fund will be transferred to your bank accounts “as fast as next business day,” which is another way of saying the next business day deposit.

The next business day deposit could mean a day or two, or sometimes even the same day as well. In reality, it all depends on how fast the lenders can process your loan application. This process is also referred to as the decision time.

Many lenders also offer instant decision loans. In such cases, the decision time is almost instantaneous. So, if you meet all the eligibility criteria, the next business day deposit could translate into a same day deposit.

So technically, even if your lender does not guarantee a same day deposit, it is very much a possibility.

Advantages of a quick online loan

Helps you avoid late bill payments

The most prominent advantage of payday loans is that they allow you to obtain fast cash within a short period of time. In fact, as mentioned above, in some cases, even a same day deposit is very much a possibility.

So, unlike conventional bank loans, you can have the cash in your hands the same day. This allows you to pay off your emergency needs, such as making monthly bill payments without any delay.

Minimal impact to your credit score

Another massive advantage of a payday loan is that usually does not affect your credit score. Usually, when you apply for payday loans, lenders only perform a soft check on your credit history and keep your credit bureaus out of it.

This, in turn, prevents your payday loans from diminishing your credit score. So, you prevent your credit scores from decelerating and also pay your bills on time as well.
In fact, payday loans help you boost your credit score by enabling you to pay off your monthly bills before the due date.

Minimal requirements

When you apply for a quick payday loan, the lists of requirements are extremely low. You do not even require a credit report. So even if you have a damaged credit report or no credit ratings at all, it doesn’t matter.

Usually, lenders only check your bank account history to verify if you have a legitimate monthly income. If your account history shows the required figure that lenders are looking for, it is easy to get approval.

Helps you to be independent

If you are a freelancer or a student, it can sometimes become difficult to keep up with your monthly payments. Under such circumstances, instead of burdening your family or friends for emergency funds, you can simply apply for payday loans and get the job done.

Most importantly, payday loans help you keep away from loan sharks, increased mortgages, and pricey credit cards as well.

Things to keep in mind with quick loans online

Understand the purpose of a payday loan

It seems rather too obvious. But, in many cases, customers simply apply for a payday loan without understanding its authentic purpose. They are called emergency loans for a reason and are only beneficial for a short-term loan.

They also come with a generous interest rate. So, if you don’t take that into account, it can come back and bite you in the rear end.

How much do you need?

Again, simply because payday loans are easy to apply does not mean you will go out on your way to loan out more than what you need. At the end of the day, you are still creating a debt.

So, make sure you calculate the approximate amount and borrow only that which is necessary.

How early can you payback?

Payday loans come with an extremely limited repay time window. If you’re unable to repay within that duration, the interest rate may go up, and you will be stuck in a vicious payment cycle.

If you require more time, you can increase your repay time window before finalizing the loan. However, keep in mind that the longer you take to repay the loan, the more money you pay in interest.

In such cases, you can look for alternate options like installment loans that provide a significantly longer repay time with a low interest rate.


Quick online loans, aka, payday loans, are your best options if you want to obtain fast cash for any type of emergency situation. You can get the fund transferred on your account as quickly as the next business day, or sometimes even a same day deposit as well.

The number of lenders providing such loans is also abundant in number as well. However, there are certain pitfalls involved while taking out such loans. So, make sure you calculate the risks and tread carefully.

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